Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bottling Strawberry wine

The strawberry wine we fermented this past spring was finally ready to be bottled.  In other strawberry wines I have tried, I noticed that the color was usually a very pale pink.  Suprisingly, our wine has maintained its dark rose color.  I'm theorizing that it is probably due to the large quantity of fruit we used, and the fact that we used a food processor to completely pulverize the fruit before adding it to the must.  Another possibility is that we kept sulfites in the wine to prevent the color from fading. Even though this is a dry wine, the strong fruit flavor makes it seem sweeter than it really is.  This wine will be perfect for drinking in the spring or summer. 

After bottling, we took the last 2 liters and put it in a bottle designed for maintaining pressure.  I added a little sugar (about 35 grams) and some EC-1118 yeast.  If this works out we will have a small portion of sparkling strawberry wine.


  1. Most excellent! We still have most of ours in the carboy. Should be bottling starting this coming week. We used Opti-White this year and believe it somehow helped us with color which was also better than past years.


  2. Opti white wont help you create more color, instead it will work as a anti oxidant and help prevent browning. Thus it helps your strawberry wine hold is bright red better.