About Us

NC Wineboy

My name is actually Robbie Rogers, but I've been joking around with friends for a while that I'm "Wineboy" ever since I started making wine in 2006.  Why?  It's a play on the movie "Waterboy." 

I started making wine back in Decemeber 2006, with a Chianti kit, and I've been fascinated with it ever since.  Part of the reason why we moved to North Carolina was to live somewhere where we could get wine grapes.  Plus, since North Carolina has a rapidly growing wine industry, I could eventually be part of that too.

Savage Beagle Vineyards

No, I don't own or run a commercial winery/vineyard.  However, it is my eventual goal to do so, years down the road.  Savage Beagle Vineyards is what I call both the wine I make and my backyard vineyard.  We have two Beagles, Meadow and Zoe, who are depicted in the label, and somehow the name just seemed appropriate.