Wine Recipes

Below is a list of recipes I've used to make various batches of fruit wine. You won't find any wine-grape wines listed here because with those, there's nothing other than the grapes/juice of grapes and yeast used.

I list these recipes as being either dry or sweet. This is generally how I have made them. Any recipe that is listed as dry can be made sweet simply by adding some Potassium Sorbate, and adding sugar until it tastes sweet enough to you. And the reverse can be done for recipes listed as sweet, don't add the Potassium Sorbate listed in the recipe, and don't add the additional sugar. The Potassium Sorbate simply prevents the yeast from fermenting any sugar added (for a while anyway).

Blackberry wine (dry)

Strawberry wine (dry)

Yellow, aka Skeeter Pee or Lemonade Wine (off-dry to sweet)