Thursday, June 24, 2010

A lesson learned in the vineyard...

A lot of people who grow grapes use Roundup to keep the vineyard floor (ground) around the vines, clear of weeds and grass.  As long as the spray doesn't hit any green plant material on the vine, you are fine.

This year, I used the Roundup Extended Control for that purpose, I thought that I wouldn't have to keep re-spraying.  Well, apparently, the Extended Control portion of it affects grape vines as well as weeds and grass.  I've got one grape vine that is growing normally, and all the others have stunted growth, they look like chia-pet vines.  The stunted growth on the affected vines have at most, a half inch shoot from the vine and about 20 miniature leaves on it.

I can only hope that the vines will recover in late July or August (when the Extended Control portion is supposed to wear off), if not, maybe next spring.  The situation is completely my fault, I should have read the warnings on the container more, or at the very least researched the product more before using it.  Some people might wonder why I would write a blog about such a big mistake, but I hope that by doing so, it will prevent someone else from doing the same thing.

In the picture below, the vine on the left is growing normally, the vine on the right is the stunted growth I am getting. 

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  1. Weeds have been a huge problem for vineyards. I find it effective to manually pulling weed to curb their growth.